Reduce Time, Labor and Material Costs Every Time You Configure and Reconfigure Your Network

Cii’s Drag & Drop network subdivides floors into zones. Each zone is serviced by a consolidation point fed by a trunk cable. Trunk cables are encased in flex to safely eliminate cable trays and to economically protect plenum spaces. Each consolidation point can be configured for 24, 48, 72 or 96 port density. Work stations can be added quickly and easily via transition cables. Network connections can be installed directly in the workstation or can be provided in Access Floor Boxes designed to connect and empower your people.

Reduce Time
Cii’s Drag & Drop Network installs incredibly fast. Delivered to your site on time and on budget, the Drag & Drop Network can be installed before the floor or ceiling. This drastically reduces jobsite congestion and helps you run your project safely and efficiently.

Reduce Labor
All cables are pre-cut, pre-terminated and quality checked with state-of-the-art Fluke test equipment. The majority of the network can simply be “dragged and dropped” into place. We then deliver on your schedule enabling you to install before the floor or ceiling tiles.

Reduce Material Costs
Cii’s Drag & Drop network can provide real material costs savings. Drag & Drop trunk cables are encased in flexible conduit providing two major benefits:

  1. Cable trays can be eliminated saving both time and money; and
  2. CMR cables sealed within flex conduit eliminate the need for expensive plenum materials while still preserving plenum spaces.

Configure & Reconfigure
The reusable nature of Cii Drag & Drop Networking means you cut your raw material impact by orders of magnitude every time you reconfigure and rebuild. Rebuild just once and you cut your raw material impact by one half versus traditional installations.

Combine Consolidation Points, Access Floor Boxes and Accessibility Products to design your system today!