Reduce Cost and Environmental Impact Every Time You Build or Rebuild Your Space.

Plug & Play Power from Cii is a combination of multiple components designed to meet your specific needs whether installing power, networking and control in the ceiling or under the floor. Choose from our access floor boxes, Powermate cables, accessibility products and more to customize your system.

Everything is collaboratively designed by your team and our design group to your exact specifications. You can do more jobs with the Cii system and the same staff you already have. Save time and money by freeing up your labor and complete more jobs in the same amount of time with our Plug & Play Power system. Systems are pre-manufactured and delivered to your location in stages, everything simply snaps into place.

Plug & Play power installs in a snap! The innovative Powermate head is fully insulated with a first make/last break ground. This allows it to be safely plugged and unplugged under a live load. Everything is pre-assembled and ready to snap together upon delivery.

Completely reconfigurable, the Cii Plug & Play systems can be reused every time you reshape your space. Reuse our system just once and you cut your raw material impact by 50%. Do it again and you cut your impact by 66%. Reconfigure once more, and you cut your usage of copper and metals by 75% versus re-wiring for each move. Reduce, reuse, recycle.