5 Oct 2016

Easy installation of modular system saves owners and builders money, time and energy 

TEMPE, Ariz., October 5, 2016 – Communications Integrators, Inc. (Cii), a leader in designing and manufacturing modular power, voice and data solutions, today announced ReVolt Control, a modular plug and play lighting and control system that optimizes building lighting and power usage. Architects, construction professionals and electrical contractors can quantitatively see how ReVolt will help them:

·       Reduce on-site labor by up to 75%
·       Reduce material costs by up to 50%
·       Reduce energy consumption by up to 25%

With 25% of construction companies having turned down work last year due to labor shortages, ReVolt is especially attractive because installation is not labor-intensive. ReVolt comes pre-configured and pre-provisioned; and its modularity allows you to simply snap it together. It can be reconfigured and hot swapped live, making tenant improvements (TI) fast and painless.
With ReVolt, you can set time schedules, adapt to occupancy and vacancy and dynamically adjust brightness based on the amount of sunlight entering a space. The plug and play nature of ReVolt takes your space beyond LEED: its reusable infrastructure cuts your raw material usage by an order of magnitude every time you re-shape your space.

Building managers will see time savings that translate to cost savings with ReVolt. Because the solution comes pre-configured and pre-provisioned, it is a quick installation, meaning one month less rent lost (due to TI improvements related to electrical). This also means the building owner can give a lower allowance for TI.

In one particular case study, The Christensen Corporation installed ReVolt in their early LEED Platinum-certified Banner Bank Building in Boise, Idaho. “With ReVolt Control, I reduced my turnover costs, finished tenant improvements in less time and had increased flexibility with changes down the road,” stated Gary Christensen, owner of The Christensen Corporation. “Further to that, ReVolt took two full weeks off the schedule by reducing electrical labor by over 70% and saving over 10% on electrical costs.”

“Cii is excited to bring to market a lighting and plug-load control system that combines energy savings with labor and material cost savings,” said Jon Dumbauld, president of Cii. “With clients who require raised floors, such as commercial offices or casinos, there’s typically an expectation that there’ll be constant reconfigurations. In this sense, a modular wiring system like ReVolt is absolutely beneficial due to its cost effectiveness and easy adaptability.”

ReVolt will be on display at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, October 5-7, 2016, at Booth 521.

ReVolt Control

  • Controlled through a simple graphic user interface
  • Can be installed both overhead and underfloor
  • Compatible with any light fixture using a 0-10v driver or ballast for dimming
  • Compatible with most major sensors
  • Smart system allows sensors and zones to be assigned and re-assigned graphically
  • Designed to and pre-built to your requirements
  • Installs in one quarter of the time of other systems
  • CA Title 24 complaint
  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant
  • 110V-277V
  • 20A circuits

About Cii

Since 1988, Communications Integrators, Inc. (Cii) has pioneered electrical solutions, leading the market in modular power, voice, and data systems designed to keep the workplace dynamic and ready for change. Cii’s (G-LINK) connectivity panels enrich the in-room experience for hotel guests by providing an auto-sensing, plug-and-play environment for today’s popular technology devices. For information, call 800-679-9711 or visit www.ciinet.com.