12 Nov 2011

(November 2011) – Don’t get trapped! Avoid the mistake of using inflexible and expensive wire and cable systems in your facility. slotLINK™ by Communication’s Integrators, Inc (Cii) is the industry leader for casino wire and cable solutions.

Consisting of modular ‘plug & play’ power wiring and zone cabling solutions, slotLINK provides ultimate flexibility allowing you to respond to equipment layout and technology changes quickly, easily and cost effectively. slotLINK is the cost effective answer to the ever-changing floor as gaming machines are easily relocated without the need to reinvest in a new, electrical power system with each move, ultimately extending the life of the gaming floor.

The modular connections or grommeted access holes provide point-of-use delivery of power, voice, and data to any location on the floor plate, allowing for minimal disruption. In the casino environment, there are many high performance & sustainable strategies available to create an attractive gaming environment while providing the utmost in flexibility. Make sure Cii’s slotLINK is part of your sustainability strategy.

Download (PDF, 425KB)