When waiting in an airport, is your first choice the seat with the power outlets connected right to the seat? This way there’s no need to stand next to the wall with the outlet waiting for your phone to charge before your fight. The same concept applies to offices and commercial spaces.

The modern mobile world demands power and networking connection within arm’s reach. Phones, tablets and laptops are plugged-in and unplugged multiple times a day. Bending, stooping or crawling under a desk for power and networking is unacceptable in today’s work environment. For some workers it is simply impossible. Cii has the solutions that work.

Cii has several modular products that move power and networking connections from floor level to human level. Cii’s Accessibility Products can be mounted above or below the work surface. They are natural extensions of our Plug & Play Power and Drag & Drop Networking systems, which means they can move and reconfigure every time you shape your space.

Where would you want easily accessible power? Our SlotLink product was designed with casinos in mind. Color code the circuits to manage requirements and ensure only critical circuits are on expensive UPS grids. Our StationLink product provides flexibility and easy access to power, voice and data systems without crawling under the desk. Mount it under any workstation to preserve design with no unsightly cables or duplexes. Both systems allow you to reconfigure layouts and move equipment without having to reinvest in new power systems.

Customize the options to determine the number of power, voice and data receptacles to suit your needs. Customize the colors to seamlessly fit in with your décor.