Round 3000 – Metal Lid

Today’s architectural design frequently demands a more symmetrical option when it comes to terminating power, voice and data in the access floor. Cii has responded with the Round 3000 (PVD Servicecenter™) designed to accommodate commercially available air diffusers most commonly used in raised access flooring applications.


  • Round design allows the box to be installed in the same size hole as standard air diffusers – eliminates the need for multiple raised-floor tiles with custom cutouts
  • Three compartment stamped steel box with voltage dividers accommodates both power and data outlets
  • General purpose, isolated and/or dedicated circuits
  • Distribution of circuits to modular components, building systems or equipment
  • Multiple PVD Servicenters can be powered from single power source
  • Accommodates all voice/data options
  • Features two cable-entry lids that lock in the open position to prevent cable damage
  • Steel lid with multi-cable egress to allow 100% closure for maximum reduction in air loss. Available in multiple power coat colors to match décor
  • Optional power tunnel links outside power compartments to feed both compartments with a single conduit while sill allowing for communication wiring in the center
  • Two thumbscrews secure Servicecenter firmly in place, but remove easily for reconfiguration
  • High quality design at a low cost
  • Churn costs reduced due to unique drop-in design
  • Quick relocation when used with the Cii plug and play modular wiring system


  • 10-3/4″ Round lid assembly
  • 1/8″ Thick low profile trim frame
  • 4-5/8″ Overall depth for 5″ minimum floor height
  • Configurable for up to 4 duplexes and 6 RJ45
  • 800 to 1500 lb lid load rating


Cii Specification Documents