For use in raised access floors of today’s offices and equipment rooms, the Low Profile 3000 (PVD Servicenter™) is designed to meet the growing flexibility requirements driven by office churn. They offer an attractive alternative to both “poke-thru” and standard furniture power, voice and data service distribution designs. The Servicenter is flush mounted to the access floor and can be readily relocated when used with the Cii modular wiring system. Cable openings in the lid allow for convenient, closed-lid cable pass-thru.


  • General purpose, isolated ground and/or dedicated circuits multi-purpose workstations
  • Distribution of circuits to modular components, building systems or equipment
  • Multiple PVD Servicenters can be powered from single power source
  • Accommodates all voice/data options
  • High capacity models are interchangeable with certain variable air volume terminal floor cut-outs
  • Use of different sized units without affecting the room’s appearance
  • Standard lid color is black; gray and brown are available
  • Lid design opens 150° allowing maximum hand access for inserting or removing power or data receptacles
  • Allows 4-position orientation
  • High quality design at a low cost
  • Churn costs reduced due to unique drop-in design
  • Quick relocation when used with the Cii plug and play modular wiring system
  • Consolidation of power, voice and data in a common enclosure with effective wire management


  • 11-1/4″ Square lid assembly
  • 1/8″ Thick low profile trim frame
  • 2-1/2″ Overall depth for 2-1/2″ minimum floor height
  • Configurable for up to 2 duplexes and 8 RJ45
  • 800 to 1500 lb lid load rating
  • Metal lid provides the brute strength needed for heavy traffic areas