For use in raised access floors of today’s offices and equipment rooms, the High Capacity 2000 is designed to meet the growing flexibility requirements driven by office churn. Designed not to compete with or detract from the crafted aesthetics of modern work spaces, it offers an attractive alternative to both “poke-thru” and standard furniture power.

Key features include protective door to prevent a trip hazard in cable openings; a super strong lid handling up to 2000lbs; cable management tools to keep cable nicely arranged; painted white interior for a pleasing appearance; and most importantly, it has been designed and tested for zero air leakage.

Leaky air ruins the efficiency of HVAC systems and creates uncomfortable work spaces. Our air tight design allows your HVAC to run at peak efficiency and keeps your people happy.

Three things make our box air tight. First, a gasket between floor and box keeps air from leaking around the box. Second, our “green seal” makes the lid air tight. Third, brushes seal the gaps around egressing cables. All together, we call it our “GreenBOX Architecture”.


  • General purpose ground and/or dedicated circuits multi-purpose work workstations
  • Fully hot swappable and easily reconfigurable with Powermate plug and play system
  • Consolidation of power, voice and data in a common enclosure with effective wire management.
  • 4 duplexes
  • 3 trade size gang opening of networking
  • Cable management loop


  • Zero air leakage
  • 11-3/4″ Square lid assembly
  • 3/16′ thin low profile trim frame
  • 4-7/8th Overall depth for 5″ minimum floor height
  • Configurable for up to 4 duplexes and 18 RJ45 network jacks
  • Up to 6 circuits
  • 2000lb lid load rating