Access Floor Boxes provide the ability to adapt a floor plan to meet the needs of the space. Have you ever been in a room and had the need to plug in your phone or laptop and no outlet was close enough? Access Floor Boxes provide outlets hidden within the floor for easy access when needed.

Using raised floor systems, access floor boxes provide power to workstations, conference rooms and more without the need for a wall outlet. Floor boxes provide the ability to rearrange the room without concern for locating the nearest power source. Casinos often rearrange slot machines to bring in newer equipment to change up the floor plan. With access floor boxes this process is made easier and more efficient.

Boxes can be customized to meet the need of the customer, including the number of receptacles, USB ports and Ethernet connections. Customization even includes the box profile, shape, capacity, etc. Using raised floors, these access floor boxes can be easily concealed in the floor to maintain the aesthetics of the area.

To further customize the floor plan, take advantage of low-profile boxes. Low profile boxes can be located to another spot in the floor when used with the Cii Plug & Play modular wiring system and designed for flexibility requirements driven by office churn.

Cii also offers round floor boxes which are designed to be installed into the same size hole as standard air diffusers commonly used in raised floor systems. Round boxes eliminate the need for tiles with custom cutouts.

Floor boxes are designed to be easily removed for reconfiguration as needed and blend in with the look of the carpet or floor tiles. Some applications include office spaces, casinos, government offices, commercial, and more.