Reduce cost and environmental impact every time you build or rebuild your space.

It’s more challenging than ever to create, maintain and reconfigure work environments – especially with constantly changing power, voice and data requirements. Cii’s modular solutions provide the needed infrastructure for businesses to reconfigure on the fly.



Cii offers comprehensive systems that allow you to go from rough space to complete electrical, networking and controls in a snap!

Everything is collaboratively designed by your team and our design group to your exact specifications.


Collaborate with our design team to shape your space.



Installs in a snap!

Pre manufactured and delivered to your site in stages, everything simply snaps into place!



Save money every time

Save money on man hours. Save money on material costs. Save money on power consumption.



Beyond LEED

The reusable nature of our Plug & Play system and our factory commitment to sustainability push our systems beyond LEED, beyond Title 24, beyond ASHRAE.

We are as green as it gets.

Cii’s Plug & Play systems work both above the ceiling and under the floor.


Co-located zones make your job easier.

Today’s architecture often demands symmetric options for terminating power voice, data, and controls. Cii’s unique capabilities unite zone networking, modular power and controls in one comprehensive solutions from one reliable vendor. Networking power and controls can ve collocated in the same floor box or in the same accessible service center. The co-design and co-location of power and data networks makes building management easier. Cii’s detailed CAD drawings provide facility managers a clear reference for locating cable pathways and consolidation points, making your job easier.