North America’s leader in the design and manufacturing of modular power, voice and data solutions.

As a proven partner focused on building tomorrow’s infrastructures, Cii enables clients to outperform sustainability expectations and stay ahead of the innovation curve. With Cii, buildings easily transform and thrive through our strategic consulting, flexible designs, and comprehensive product line.


As a member of the US Green Building Council, Cii participates in supporting the goals of creating a healthy environment.

Cii’s Mission

Communications Integrators, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, modular electrical and voice data products that significantly increase building value while promoting environmentally sound practices.  Communications Integrators, Inc. will achieve this mission by pursuing economically sound strategies that embrace continuous improvement, invention, and diversification while developing a deep and mutual trust with our customers, employees, and vendors.

From the beginning, the company was founded on the principle of building and implementing great ideas that drive efficiency for clients. Since then, Cii has installed tens of millions of square feet of product in commercial office space, casinos, government buildings, computer labs and education facilities throughout North America.Cii electrical systems assure quality, flexibility, sustainability and value, which significantly contribute to the building’s flexible design and value. All components have been meticulously designed, developed and tested to ensure that overall performance exceeds the most stringent standards. All products are manufactured and tested to exceed UL and TIA/EIA standards of performance.

Customer satisfaction and quick response are paramount. Cii’s network of authorized dealers and installers ensures that your service needs are expediently and accurately addressed. Our experience is vast and we ensure that our systems will adhere to all local and regional codes and requirements.


Ensuring the safety of our employees, our customers and the public is one of Cii’s essential core values. Our modular solutions are manufactured under strict quality, health and safety controls.

•  All Cii low-voltage voice and data products are manufactured to stringent TIA/EIA and UL standards
•  Our high-voltage products are rated for 120/208 volts and 277/480 volts, 20 & 30 amps, and are UL and ETL Listed
•  Our power connectors feature a positive tab location and variable keying to ensure a secure and safe connection
•  Each conductor is individually terminated, housed and insulated in our patented plastic connector, which eliminates any risk of
energizing the connector or causing an accidental short-circuit|
•  Our unique ground-pin design eliminates the risk of the system being configured incorrectly


Reduces Risk – Safer work practices in our factory lessen the probability of an incident occurring in the field where a potential for liability exists.
Cuts Costs – Our commitment to quality reduces our customers’ labor costs and unnecessary expenses.
Improves Compliance – Our rigorous safety process helps customers comply with industry standards and other compliance requirements.
Ensures Peace of Mind – Our customers have confidence knowing they utilized a capable, safety-focused manufacturer with tenured employees committed to doing the job right.