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Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino, Las VegasUnderfloor systems allow for infinite configurations of slot machines, tables, etc. To see this revolutionary approach to casino floor construction, take an animated tour of the Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas.

Source: Discovery Channel, “Build it Bigger, Vegas Animation 3”



Project Frog, CNN.comCheck out Cii’s under floor modular power installation as seen on Project Frog.




Easy-to-Install Pre-terminated and Tested Low-Voltage Voice/Data Systems Offer Significant Savings

Flex Data provides Communications Integrators, Inc. (Cii) customers with a pre-terminated and tested low-voltage voice/data horizontal cable system that is plenum rated for commercial applications.


Click here to download this Tate White PaperCii partner Tate®, a market leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of raised access flooring solutions, explains the high performance and sustainability benefits of underfloor service distribution (UFSD).



Be Future Ready



In the United States, Canada and Mexico, Communications Integrators’ modular wiring systems are recognized for superior quality and performance. Featuring the most comprehensive product line, Cii provides systems to meet any specification requirement.

Since 1988, Cii has been the pioneer in design and manufacturing of modular power, voice and data systems. Over 200 million square feet of Cii product has been installed in commercial office space, computer rooms, government buildings, labs and education facilities throughout North America.

Cii electrical systems assure quality, flexibility, sustainability and value, which significantly contribute to the building’s flexible design and value. All components have been meticulously designed, developed and tested to ensure that overall performance exceeds the most stringent standards. All products are manufactured and tested to exceed UL and TIA/EIA standards of performance.

Customer satisfaction and quick response are paramount. Cii’s network of authorized dealers and installers ensures that your service needs are expediently and accurately addressed. Our experience is vast and we ensure that our systems will adhere to all local and regional codes and requirements.


  The environmental impact of conventional home-run electrical cabling versus Cii plug & play power solutions is significant.  Electrical wiring and cabling is a $20.5 billion dollar industry in the U.S. In a recent study ranking building elements for their impact on air pollution, global warming and toxic releases; electrical cabling is in the top eight worst offenders. (Interior Construction was actually ranked twice as bad!) Lead used in the PVC lining of electrical wiring is the biggest worry. Not when it is in place in the building and in use – but when it is cut and either left in the plenum space or disposed in landfills. The cables cut and left in the plenum release lead particles 10,000 times the allowed level for humans. In the landfill, lead leaches into the soil and water table or disintegrates into dust and blows around. There is no cost-effective way to recycle lead and PVC.

So by having a Cii plug & play electrical system from the beginning you don’t have to worry about cutting and disposing the cables – you simply unplug and re-plug every time you move people, furniture and/or walls around. By not cutting cables, the lead in the sheathing stays contained.

Cii announces GuestLINK™, a customized built-in console that is revolutionizing in-room technology at hotels across the country. Installed in guest rooms, GuestLINK™, enables hotel guests to plug in a laptop, iPod, iPhone, camcorder, digital camera, game station, DVD, or mp3 player, and view images on super-sized LCD TV screens or listen to audio on surround-sound speakers.






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